lundi 14 mars 2016

MiC CAS Challenge and Tutorial

Hello everyone! I'm here to share my inspiration card for our current CAS Masking Challenge at Make it Crafty and a little tutorial on how I combined a digital image and a rubber stamp to create my scene - a digital background with a rubber character :) Here is the scene in question...

Tress MAsking GP wtmk

The images I used are the Open Window Digital Stamp and Tress Dancing Rubber Stamp by Make it Crafty. When masking, the element you mask is the one placed "in front", so in my scene I masked the window to stamp the character.

Step 1
Tress Masking A copyrb wtmk
First, I printed the Open Window Digital Stamp on regular printing paper in draft mode (to avoid wasting ink and wasting good paper). Then I stamped Tress Dancing on top of my window without masking the window, to see how I could place the stamp to have only the head showing in the window and in a correct position, one I liked. You sometimes need several attempts, but this step is really necessary. I don't have any "magic tools" to line my stamps precisely, so I simply took a ballpoint pen here and traced around my acrylic block to mark how I had positioned it. These lines will help me as guidelines when stamping my scene for good on my good Copic paper.

Step 2
Tress MAsking B copyrb wtmk

You need to create your mask now and since the image used is a digi, you need to print the digi on your mask - a Post It Note with a FULL sticky back here (or it may get stuck in the printer if the whole back is not sticky - and you can of course use masking film instead like Eclipse). To do so, I printed my window in the top left hand corner of my Make It Colour Blending Card sheet (the one I will colour my scene on) and took a blank sheet of printing paper that I put on top of my printed sheet to see where I would need to put my Post It so the window would be printed on it. I stuck my Post It on my blank printing paper which I then put in my printer and tada!! You see the result above - the mask is created :)

Step 3
Tress Masking C copyrb wtmk

Using a little pair of scissors, I cut the inside of the window - no need to cut all the Post It image, just the part that needs to be empty to show the character I'll stamp next. I then put my yellow mask on the window (printed on my Make it Colour Blending Card) to then get ready to stamp the character.

Step 4
Tress MAsking D copyrb wtmk

Using the guidelines you created in Step 1 on your draft scene, stamp your character on your mask. Then remove the mask and colour your scene!

Tress MAsking GP wtmk

Here is the card I made with it:

Tress MAsking prof copyr wtmk

Wall: E50, 51, 53 
Wood: E30, 31, 35, 39, 59 
Curtains: BV000, 00, 02, 04, 08 
Tress's Skin: E000, 00, 11, 71 
Hair: 100, BV04, C7, 9 
Eyes: BG000 
Flowers: RV04, 06, 09, YG03, 17, G28 
Gold: Y11, 26, 28 
Orange: Y35, 38, YR04, 07

I also added a little speech bubble from a Tiddly Inks stamp set, fussy cut it and put it on foam square for a nice finishing touch.

Make it Crafty Products 
Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

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