lundi 11 mars 2013

All That Scraps - Tutorial - converting JPEG and TIFF files to PNG to makes scenes

Hello everyone! Today, I'm sharing the tutorial I made for my Make It Monday post at All That Scraps! I love merging images and making little scenes but to do so, you need to have PNG files, not JPEG or TIFF. However if some of your images are not PNG (old images since all images are now provided in PNG too at All That Scraps), you can very easily change them to PNGs as I'm going to show you. Special thanks to my friend Madeleine who I discussed the problem of png files with and who helped me understand how to convert them:)!
To do that, I use Paint.NET, which you can download for free. 

Step 1:

Open Paint.NET and at the top, click on "File" and "Open". A window will pop up, select the folder where your image is and then your image. The image I'm going to use for this tutorial is Bouquet Birgitta (TIFF).

Step 2:

In the "Tools" category, click on the "magic wand" (circled in red on my picture).


The idea is to have no white around your image, to make the background transparent. So now, click on the first part you want to make transparent, then holding the Ctrl key, click on all the parts you want to make transparent. All the parts you click on should turn blue. As you can see, of course I clicked around Birgitta but I also clicked on the parts between her face and wings, and between her legs which must be transparent too.


Now click on the little rectangle (circled in red on my picture).


On your keyboard, press the "Delete" key, and your background is now chequered in white and grey, which means it is transparent!


You now need to save your new image as PNG, so click on "File "  at the top, then "Save As".


A window pops up. Select the folder where you want to put your image, give it a new name (I chose Bouquet Birgitta PNG) and select PNG, and that's it! You can now merge your Birgitta with another image!

If you don't know how to merge your images, look at Christine's tutorial HERE!

And here is a little example of what you can do when using PNG images, which you can't do if your images are not PNGs...

See? Birgitta can now sit on the Field Fence without hiding it:)!
I hope you have found this little tutorial helpful for you and it will give you ideas to make little scenes! Thank you very much for your visit, have a lovely day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

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  1. Ah Delphine you saved me LOl, I was literally trying to do this yesterday, I just followed your tutorial and it worked! thank you , Karenxxx

  2. un tuto hyper clair! bravo ma grande

  3. in italy we say "grazie" which mean "thank you"!
    yes, thank you to share this tutorial which is really helpful!!!!
    hope to try it very soon!!!!

    luv ya, alby

  4. Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces informations ! Elles me seront utiles.



  5. Ça fait longtemps que je veux essayer de mettre en scène des png je vais pouvoir essayer maintenant!! Meeeerci!!!

  6. Fantastic and easy to follow tutroial Delphine...thankyou so much..going to check out the link you added too..wonderful.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  7. This is brilliant Delphine thank you for explaining in this very informative tutorial
    jacqui x

  8. C'est super clair et moi qui trouvait ça compliqué, je trouve ça beaucoup plus simple.

  9. Thank you for this great tut.!:) But..what am I doing wrong..some of my images are also getting transparent?:( Do you have any idea, Delhpine, there anything I can do to change that?:)) And..Thanks for all The great coloring inspirations <3!
    Hugs, Ellen